Request for next net_kernel release: new switch "net_setuptime_millis"

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Fri Jan 9 17:01:14 CET 2004


> I think that over TCP/IP, it is even a mistake to try and design the
> software to adapt to network faults and partitions. Design the network
> itself to be more available than you need your software to be (using
> redundant channels, AFT and such things) and just design the software
> on the assumtion that the network works (i.e. let it fail when the
> network doesn't work, don't try anything smart, then give up and wait
> for the network to come back up.

Interestingly this view is pretty much the opposite of the "end to end
principle" ( that TCP/IP is
founded on, which suggests putting all the smarts in the endpoints.

-Luke (breaking end-to-end principle for a living :-)

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