Mnesia remote read behaviour ?

Mon Jan 5 12:49:57 CET 2004

I'm considering some basic architecture for a large networked system, which
would use mnesia heavily ...

Looking into network traffic issues prompts me to ask whether anyone can explain
to me how mnesia chooses which node to use for a remote table read, assuming
that I might have several replicas scattered around, some disc_copies, some
ram_copies, some disc_only_copies, but none on the current node.

What I am hoping for is to find out that that remote reads might be sent to
other nodes on the same host in preference to creating external network traffic
.... or if this isn't the case by default how I might organise that it happen
that way?

Additionally, choosing a ram or disc copy over a disc_only copy would be nice

BTW: I've been plunging around the mnesia source but I can't seem to find the
right place to figure this for myself so a pointer into the source would help
reduce the level of future dumb queries :-)


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