Listening to Multicast.

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Tue Apr 27 23:18:25 CEST 2004

tisdagen den 27 april 2004 kl 19.42 skrev Vance Shipley:

> We are still missing the add_membership and drop_membership
> options.  There is a very simple patch required to add these
> options into inet.erl.  The options are implemented however
> they are missing from inet:options/0 and so are unreachable.

They are not missing, they are however not listed among inet:options :-)

just do (on an udp socket)

inet:setopts(S, [{add_membership,{MultiCastAddress, InterfaceAddress}}])


inet:setopts(S, [{drop_membership,{MultiCastAddress, 

one reason for the options to not be listed could be that you can not 
use them
in inet:getopts. so inet:getopts(S, inet:options()) will not work for 
add/drop membership.

(Multicast has been working for years :-)



> Raimo had said the patch was accepted for the R9 release
> however that doesn't seem to have happed.
> 	-Vance

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