Starting a slave node (in Gentoo Linux)

Gösta Ask g.ask@REDACTED
Mon Apr 26 21:09:44 CEST 2004


I have this awkward problem of  receiving a timeout error message when I 
try to start a slave node (even locally) from an Erlang shell on my 
Gentoo box. I have tried the fixes suggested both in and 
but to no avail. Maybe someone on this list who is more experienced with 
the Gentoo environment than I am can lend me a helping hand? At work we 
have also seen this timeout occur under very special circumstances - not 
always - under Solaris9.  Under Gentoo I have so far been unable to get 
it to work at all.

Eshell V5.3  (abort with ^G)
(bar@REDACTED)1 <mailto:bar@REDACTED%291>> net_adm:world().
(bar@REDACTED)2 <mailto:bar@REDACTED%292>> slave:start(falcon, foobar, "").
(bar@REDACTED)3 <mailto:bar@REDACTED%293>> net_adm:ping(foo@REDACTED 
(bar@REDACTED)4 <mailto:bar@REDACTED%294>> inet:gethostbyname(falcon).

askg@REDACTED <mailto:askg@REDACTED> askg $ more .erlang
inet_db:set_lookup([files, dns]).
askg@REDACTED <mailto:askg@REDACTED> askg $ uname -a
Linux falcon 2.4.20-gentoo-r6 #1 Fri Feb 27 10:59:40 CET 2004 i686
Pentium II (Deschutes) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

On the RedHat boxes of my colleauges this is not a problem. So they are 
beginning to sneer at Gentoo. I still hope to get the better of it with 
a reasonable effort though...

/Gösta Ask
(Mobile Arts)

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