finding my own IPv6 address

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Mon Apr 19 13:53:22 CEST 2004

måndagen den 19 april 2004 kl 08.33 skrev Fredrik Thulin:

> Hi
> In SIP, it is (unfortunately) necessary for you to know your own IP 
> address
> from time to time. For IPv4 we (Yxa SIP-server/stack) have been using 
> the
> undocumented and unsupported function inet:get_if() with great 
> success. Now
> I'm wondering if there is maybe an equally undocumented and 
> unsupported way
> of finding your own IPv6 address (without querying DNS for your 
> hostname)?
> I tried the following :
>   1> {ok, S} = inet_udp:open(0,[inet6]).
Should be inet6_udp:open(0, [])
or gen_udp:open(0, [inet6]).

>   {ok,#Port<0.29>}
>   2> inet:ifget(S, "vr0", [addr, flags]).
> {ok,[{addr,{130,237,95,62}},{flags,[up,broadcast,running,multicast]}]}
>   3>
For some reason this does not work (even if using a ipv6 socket) My 
guess is that
the code in the inet_drv for getting ipv6 interface address is not 
correct. (The IPv6
support code was written in a early phase of IPv6, names and interfaces 
was non standard...)

To get an interface address inet_drv is using SIOCGIFADDR ioctl, this 
does not
work with IPv6 (tried solaris/linux/mac os X).
Since IPv6 use a different method for adding and deleting addresses
the interface must be changed to handle that. I assume that this goes 
for bsd/solairs virtual
addresses as well, where you add/del slave interfaces.
In linux it used to be simple (still is but changing?) just add a 
virtual interface say eth0:15 and set the address :-)

I know that some people on the list has more input on this :-)

(The work around? is as always to walk into the os:cmd swamp :-)
    os:cmd("ifconfig eth0 | grep \"inet6 addr:\"").
Then start parsing)


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