Erlang - C Node Timeout Question

Valentin valentin@REDACTED
Fri Apr 16 14:44:26 CEST 2004

Increasing net_ticktime is indiscriminate, and may cause trouble elsewhere.
You might want to use "select" multiplexing, and check which stream is ready
for reading, and then -- do the reading. Make sure that you check Erlang
stream first.
Another alternative is.... no, creating a dedicated reader thread is just
going to foo bar your design.
In some cases it might be as simple as re-connecting after failed
transmission, but then you cannot monitor C-Node from dedicated server, etc.
Best bet -- use select system call.


> [Subversives here are pushing for more UBF, less ei. :) ]
Just out of curiosity -- why is nobody using ERLANG RPC. It works so well
for us, that it makes me worried that I do not see anyone else using it. It
is very structured, and much closer to native Erlang than UBF.

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> Danie Schutte <daniesc@REDACTED> writes:
> > I am wondering about the best solution for the following problem - I
> > have an embedded C node - which is started by an Erlang node. The
> > erlang node communicates with the C node and everything is working -
> > except for an operation where the C node waits for security keys to
> > be entered (takes about 3 minutes) - then the erlang node receives a
> > timeout message - is there a place where this timeout value can be
> > set - or is there another solution that might be suggested.
> A guess would be the C node is not responding to an ERL_TICK when
> needed.
> But it would help to know more about how the C node and E node are
> talking.

> [Subversives here are pushing for more UBF, less ei. :) ]

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