dbg_iload:guard_test/1 patch

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Tue Apr 6 14:26:48 CEST 2004

Luke Gorrie writes:
 > Dan Gudmundsson <dgud@REDACTED> writes:
 > > I have already fixed that, along with a long list of other bugs.
 > > It will be available in next erlang release.
 > We're hitting another debugger crash. This time it's a 'badarg' from
 > the erts_debug:make_fun when called from dbg_ieval:expr. I don't have
 > the exact backtrace handy, but conspicously the 'Uniq' variable was
 > bound to 'undefined'.
 > Does that sound like something you've fixed?

I don't know, I have rewritten how funs are handled,
Probably because the erts_debug:make_fun are never called now.

 > Are there still OTP snapshots stashed in secret hideouts on the web?
 > I could use one to diff against.

I don't know..

 > -Luke

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