UDP over v6: payload truncated at 1024 bytes

Magnus Fröberg mfroberg@REDACTED
Tue Apr 6 08:51:55 CEST 2004

Peter Lund wrote:
> Using gen_tcp in erlang you will have to receive packets one at
> the time and after receiving each packet, you need to concatenate
> with any previous rest message and then decide if you have got it
> all or not. If all has arrived, then process...
> A common technique is to first send a length indicator, and then
> the actual message itself.
> In JAVA there is a special read
> <someSocketOrDataInputClass>.readFully(Buffer)
> That locks until the whole bufferlength has been filled to assist
> in this. In erlang you have to code it yourself.

Well, you can use the {packet, N} option and the packets are
auto prepended with a N bytes length indicator and the recv
will not return until the complete package is received.
(if you are not using erlang in both ends you need to add
the length bytes your self at the non-erlang side)
See the inet man page.


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