user-defined operators

Valentin valentin@REDACTED
Thu Apr 1 08:24:07 CEST 2004

Insulting other people is saying even less about Arain controversy... let's
put our over-inflated egos aside and go back to the reasons as to why would
Erlang need ability to support user-defined operators.
Personally, I think that user-defined-anything is not such a great idea,
because inherently leads to more difficulties in understanding other people
code, and ability to do this *fast* is a very important thing if you want to
sustain a product/system/whatever beyond two months. On the other hand, I
like to keep my mind open...but, cynicism does not sell good ideas.


Arian controversy is not realy a controversy... it is much easear to
understand it than, say, holy trinity.

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> 2 > Nor does it say anything about the Arian controversy, bimetallism, or
> 2 > interpretation of quantum mechanics.  Why should one little definition
> 2 > to deal with quite irrelevant matters?

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