Supervisor shutdown

Gunilla Arendt gunilla@REDACTED
Tue Nov 25 13:15:42 CET 2003

Then the documentation is not correct, very sorry about that.

Best regards, Gunilla

Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
> From: "Gunilla Arendt" <gunilla@REDACTED>
> > No, the supervisor *is* required to call start_link!
> I don't mean to argue with the OTP team :-) but the supervisor docs say, when
> describing children specifications:
> |StartFunc defines the function call used to start the child process. It should
> be a
> |module-function-arguments tuple {M,F,A} used as apply(M,F,A).
> |
> |The start function must create and link to the child process, and should return
> |{ok,Child} or {ok,Child,Info} where Child is the pid of the child process and
> Info an
> |arbitrary term which is ignored by the supervisor.
> Vlad

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