gen_server partial replies

Bengt Kleberg Bengt.Kleberg@REDACTED
Mon Nov 24 10:28:54 CET 2003

Mikael Karlsson wrote:
> fredag 21 november 2003 17:29 skrev Bengt Kleberg:
> Great info, I did not know this!
> I can see from the gen_server code that this works for handle_call/3 were you 
> have a choice of returning {reply, Reply, NState} or {noreply, NState}.  
> In the system documentation:
> this is not obvious to me though, as I can only see the asynchronous 
> handle_cast mentioned for {noreply, NState}.

i only knew about this because i had the privilige of attending an otp 
course (by Cesarini Consulting Ltd, see it helps having a 
teacher that has read all the docuemntatiuon and found the most relevant 

the manual page for gen_server (as found by matthias excellent web page says (about handle_call/3):

If the functions returns {noreply,NewState} or 
{noreply,NewState,Timeout}, the gen_server will continue executing with 
NewState. Any reply to From must be given explicitly using 

just one sentence, but there it is.


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