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On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Nicolas Niclausse wrote:

> Hello,
> The SSL Release Notes state that «Erlang SSL applicaton does not support
> session », and hence you can't reuse SSL id accross connections; Is it
> planned for the next release of Erlang ?

No, there are currently no such plans. 

> I tried to handle more than 1024 concurrent connections with Yaws; it
> works well with HTTP (i raised my system's limit with 'ulimit -n 2048'),
> but don't with HTTPS (on a Linux system with erlang R9C).  Is it
> possible to raise this limit with HTTPS (SSL) ?

In the Erlang/OTP SSL port program one (1) socket is required for each
listen, and two (2) sockets are required for successful connect or accept
(one socket to the outside world, one socket to the Erlang OS process).


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