Sendfile in erlang

Bengt Kleberg Bengt.Kleberg@REDACTED
Mon Nov 17 13:47:06 CET 2003

> On 14 Nov 2003 16:36:58 +0100, Luke Gorrie <luke@REDACTED> wrote:
>> I've long suspected that one could move pretty much the whole network
>> stack into userspace without much performance loss, if you just chose
>> the interface well. I'm interested to find out if this is bollocks :-)

since the Tanenbaum vs Torvalds discussion more than 10 years ago 
''everybody knows'' that macrokernels are better (as in faster) than 
microkernels. but the potential of microkernels to let the user choose 
the interface has shown very substantial performance boosts. see .


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