UML <-> Erlang

Jérôme Desquilbet jerome@REDACTED
Mon Nov 17 12:48:49 CET 2003

There may be an impedance mismatch between UML (object-oriented) and 
Erlang (functional and process-oriented). Not to say that it is 
impossible, but to say that several different approaches to map UML and 
Erlang could be equally valid.
The best I think would be to start from example, like yours maybe, and 
see what it would give in UML. Then to generalize and define precise 
mapping rules, that could be implemented in a tool. I am curious to see 
examples of the mappings you have in mind.

Le 16 nov. 03, à 03:23, Eric Newhuis a écrit :

> Anyone tried mapping UML to Erlang / Erlang to UML?
> has a nice-looking UML tool.  It would be nice to 
> reverse-engineer my OTP-based code to avoid building the diagrams from 
> scratch.
> On a related subject I believe Ward-Mellor DFD might be the closest 
> match to Erlang in finding a visual language for design.  I'd like to 
> conjecture that the Erlang programming model and Ward-Mellor DFD are 
> equivalent (like Elliptical Curves and Modular Forms are equivalent) 
> but I won't be so bold.
> Sincerely,
> Eric Newhuis

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