Sendfile in erlang

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Fri Nov 14 16:34:58 CET 2003

Miguel Barreiro <enano@REDACTED> writes:

> I'm not sure whether the proper list is e-questions or e-patches,
> but this is a small patch anyway.

Great idea.

Touches on one of my wishes for Erlang.

I wish Erlang wrapped nearly all of libc (and libnsl for Solaris),
sort of the way Perl does. Being an old C dog, I like to have all my
favorite system calls close at hand. It's one reason why Java feels so
hampering, like playing the piano with mittens on - Java implementors
took away as much of the OS as possible originally (run anywhere,
etc), and only restore it under duress.

Any time I see an API I want to put a decent intepreter on top of it.
It makes a very powerful combination.

> Maybe it would be more polite to behave like gen_tcp:send instead
> and make sure all data is sent, or else return an error.

Having seen Sean's reply I don't want to put a damper on that as he
has real use for it. OTOH, I would be ok with libc/system call
semantics, see above...

> More ugly details: it needs the socket descriptor *number*, so for
> now you have to call the undocumented function get_fd in prim_inet

Same as above - 

Sorry for rambling, and again, well done!

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