doesn't tapestry sound like it should be written in erlang?

bryan bry@REDACTED
Mon Nov 10 13:36:47 CET 2003


"Tapestry is an overlay network that sits at the application layer (on
top of an Operating System). Deployed as a network connecting a set of
machines, Tapestry allows any member node to route messages to any other
node in the network, given a location and network independent name.
Furthermore, Tapestry functions as a decentralized directory service for
any objects residing on nodes in the network. A node in a Tapestry
network can advertise or "publish" location information about an object
it possesses. Any other Tapestry node can then act as a client, and send
messages to this object, as long as it knew the object's unique
identifier. These messages route through the overlay from node to node
until they arrive at the node where the object is stored, such that the
path taken is a small factor longer than the shortest path from the
client node to the object's location."


Maybe I'm just weird but I was reading thru this and thinking, why does
it always have to be java. 


Ah well..

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