Getting Tk running on Mac OS 10.3 for erlang gs

Jérôme Desquilbet jerome@REDACTED
Fri Nov 7 14:32:44 CET 2003

> > I would appreciate some advice on how to get Tk on Mac OS 10.3.
> > Starting from the sources, Tcl compiles and installs just fine. 
> > However,
> > I have problems to build Tk, from the latest UNIX src packages.
> > Before spending more time on Tk, I am wondering whether it is the
> > easier path to go.

> There are pre-built packages available for Tcl and Tk at their 
> sourceforge site which work well (ish) with Erlang (at least they did
> in 10.2).

Thanks for your help. I have found
(BTW, what are the differences?)
Is it what you are thinking of?
Actually, while browsing I discovered and .
Thanks again,

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