inets question, performance running time?

bryan bry@REDACTED
Thu Nov 6 13:37:19 CET 2003

Yeah the inets vs yaws question got answered. The reason why I'm leaning
towards inets:

1. The site I'm porting is an xml based site, much of the current
functionality is provided by an xslt-based solution. The solution is
very similar to what I understand of mod_xsl 
2. The site might need to run on windows. I've had some problems with
getting Yaws running on Windows (if you have a link to something like an
idiot's guide for getting Yaws running on Windows that would probably
help me change my mind. )

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bryan wrote:

>Any performance stats out there on inets, would like to see info on
>inets running on untended machine. 
>Anyone running inets as a server, how often do you have to do restarts?

Did anyone answer your question about inets vs. yaws ?

Anyway, if you are staring from scratch, I think you should try Yaws.
It is easy and fun, what more can you ask for... :-) , it also have an
active community, mailing list, etc..
Cheers , Tobbe

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