Fancy tools support!

Bengt Kleberg Bengt.Kleberg@REDACTED
Wed Nov 5 10:50:41 CET 2003

Bjorn Gustavsson wrote:
> Luke Gorrie <luke@REDACTED> writes:
>>  Cross referencing, e.g.
>>    %% who_calls(Module, Function, Arity) -> [{M,F,A}]
>>    %% List all the known callers of Module:Function/Arity.
>>  Simple enough - of course it can't be perfect what with 'apply', but
>>  it can still be much better and more convenient than 'grep'. It's
> That would be difficult to add, as the Erlang run-time system does not
> keep any information about the callers to any given function.

would it be possible to do it at the same level as ''xref'' operates at? 
(ie only staticly known callers).


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