Converting C to English with Perl info@REDACTED
Wed Nov 5 00:47:18 CET 2003

Hello, you Erlang gurus out there.

Being an Erlang newbie I am often trying to understand the
sample code snippets that are discussed on your fine mailing list.

Is there maybe in Erlang anything like "Converting C to English with Perl"?
See the corresponding article in the Perl Journal 03/2000
as well as this article in the Perl Journal 04/1998 as it's basis
"The man(1) of descent -  So who cares about parsing anyway?"

It would help me to quickly "cut, paste and parse" the Erlang code snippets
to better understand what its all about. It might even make a very nice tool
for automatic documentation...

Isn't the Erlang grammar file for Emacs doing something similar?



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