ANN: xmerl-0.19

Tue Nov 4 21:32:50 CET 2003


I have finally got myself together and merged all received patches,
patched it myself quite a bit and updated the documentation (now using

As one can expect (almost a year since the last release...) there are
*LOTS* of new stuff in this release. Apart from improved documentation,
we  now have validation support (Sebastian Becuwe), better namespace
handling (Erik Reitsma, Ulf Wiger), XSL:ish support in the Erlang way
(Mikael Karlsson) and further improvements to the export functionality
(Richard Carlsson). Not to mention a large number of bug fixes.

for a more complete list of changes.

Also the following incompatibles should be noted:
- Changed the fetch function to return
      Result ::=
        {ok, {file, Filename}, GlobalState'} |
        {ok, {string, String}, GlobalState'} |
        {ok, not_fetched, GlobalState'}

- xmerl:export/[1,2] now takes a list of valid xmerl defined records,
   used to accept only #xmlElement{}

- Renamed xmerl_eventp:file/2 to xmerl_eventp:stream/2

- Moved is_letter/1,is_namechar/1,detect_charset/1,detect_charset/2 from
   xmerl_scan to xmerl_lib

Johan Blom
Mobile Arts

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