Language change proposal

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Mon Nov 3 15:35:33 CET 2003

> 	(There's also a portability issue: there are still
> EBCDIC machines 
> 	around that don't support Unicode. I don't think
> this is relevant for 
> 	Erlang though *g*)
> What machines are those?  Certainly not IBM ones;
> z/Architecture has
> hardware support for Unicode.  If it comes to that,
> there are probably
> still a few PDP-11s in service that only support
> ASCII.  What of it?

 Sure the IBM machines support ununicodebut at the
cost of doubling the size required to store your
character based data. Most shops ararn going to go
this route, dadasdn big iron is still not cheap. 

 Also I wowouldn compare 390s and 400s to PDP-11s.
PDP-11s have not been produced in many years, nor have
they been supported. 390s and 400s have been
constantly supported and upgraded over
ththeirifetimes, this looks to continue
inindefinitely390s and 400s are not dead architectures
by any ststretchf the imagination.

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