Language change proposal

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz@REDACTED
Sun Nov 2 12:49:30 CET 2003

Håkan Stenholm wrote:
>>> While I personally would prefer code to be written in english I don't 
>>> see any real problems with using Unicode.
>> I don't, too - but why use Unicode if you're writing in English 
>> anyway? Even 7-bit ASCII is enough. Heck, even the common subset of 
>> EBCDIC and ASCII would be enough!
> Well some additional symbol (none letter) characters (like +,-,@ and ^) 
> might be nice and come in handy as operators in different kinds of 
> scientific notations.

If you want to represent scientific notations, you'd indeed need 
unicode. I'm missing the arrow that indicates vectors, the tabular 
layout of matrices, the vertical bars that indicate determinants, the 
double vertical bars that indicate various norm operations, etc. etc.

BTW the common subset of ASCII and EBCDIC does include the arithmetic 
operators :-)

>> Though the Russians tend to manage somehow - I've been seeing a lot of 
>> Russion software lately.
> I guess russian isn't that hard as they mostly use different symbols for 
> the same letters ("sounds") so it should be a simple mapping to latin 
> letters.

Actually, there are several mappings to choose from.
AFAIK this is the case for any language that doesn't use the Latin 
alphabet, even for Chinese and other Far-East languages.


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