R9C-0 shared libraries don't work on OS X

Sean Hinde sean.hinde@REDACTED
Mon Aug 25 12:02:58 CEST 2003


In R9C-0 the shared library for asn1  doesn't run on OS X (it crashes 
the emulator). The following patch fixes the issue in line with the 
guidelines in the top level README. As this changes configure.in it is 
obviously necessary to run autoconf in the erts directory after 
applying the patch.


--- otp_src_R9C-0.orig/erts/configure.in        Tue Aug  5 14:36:25 2003
+++ otp_src_R9C-0/erts/configure.in     Mon Aug 25 10:14:39 2003
@@ -1035,7 +1035,8 @@
                         # Mach-O linker: a shared lib and a loadable
                         # object file is not the same thing.
-                       DED_LDFLAGS="-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined 
suppress -lbundle1.o"
+                       DED_LD="$CC"
+                       DED_LDFLAGS="-bundle -flat_namespace -undefined 
                         DED_CFLAGS="$DED_CFLAGS -fno-common"

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