Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Sun Aug 24 06:46:00 CEST 2003

In regard of Joe's recent posting that Erlang might be OOP
after all, I just came accross an announcement 


that says that for example perhaps C++ wasn't multi-pardigm enough 
yet as it was.

Waiting for LOCOFPOOPL,

> MPOOL'03 -- Call for Papers (Anaheim, Oct 03)
> (..)
> While OO has become ubiquitously employed for design, implementation, and even
> conceptualization, many practitioners recognize the concomitant need for other
> programming paradigms according to problem domain. We seek answers to the
> question of how to address the need for other programming paradigms in the
> general context of OO languages.
> Can OO programming languages effectively support other programming paradigms?
> The tentative answer seems to be affirmative, at least for some paradigms; for
> example, significant progress has been made for the case of functional
> programming in C++. 
> (..)
>     * non-OO programming with OO languages;
>     * merging functional/logic/OO/other programs (language crossbinding);
>     * non-OO programming at the meta level (e.g. template metaprogramming)
>     * module systems vs. object systems
>     * OO design patterns and their relation to functional patterns
>     * type system relationships across languages
>     * theoretical foundations of multiparadigm programming with OO languages

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