Enterprise Erlang Beams?

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Fri Aug 22 15:39:45 CEST 2003

I started to read one of those bricksized books about J2EE and Enterprise Java 
Beans (EJB) during vacations. I must confess I never made it through. However 
since I relate many things to what can be implemented in Erlang I am still 
thinking about it.
It is a bit irritating that so many things get implemented in Java on the 
server side when Erlang is so much better, isn't it? Web applications seem to 
use Java all the way from WebServices-SOAP (Apache Axis), Servlets (Tomcat) 
and EJBs (JBoss). Now, I would not expect that many transactions per second 
out of my system when you put several of those together (which you do, see 
for example http://titanium.dstc.edu.au/gehr/demonstrator/resources.shtml). 
Especially if you need SSL as well.

Is there anyone that is familiar with J2EE and EJBs who knows if it would be 
possible to implement something similar to Enterprise Java Beans in Erlang? 
As far as I understand (I didn't finish the book remember :) the main point 
of EJBs is that the container they live in takes care of parallel processing 
and transaction processing towards databases with rollbacks etc. Parallel 
processing is for free in Erlang :-) and maybe one could wrap a transaction 
around a gen_server or gen_fsm to get something like what you have in an EJB. 
EJB spec. also has a mapping to CORBA. CORBA is implemented in Erlang, 
including cosTransactions.


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