The wrapper project

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Thu Aug 21 13:17:35 CEST 2003

Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> writes:
>   What is a wrapper?
>   ==================
>   A wrapper takes an application that is NOT a isolated component, and
> makes it into a component that IS an isolated component.

I think I suggested this at a SICS team workshop at Långholmen maybe
10 years back. We where writing an emulator and runtime system for the
AKL language. For me the workshop was embarrassing and fun at the same
time. I was forced to talk but had nothing to say so I put together a
talk where I pretended to be 5 years ahead in time and described where
our research and work with AKL was then. My main idea was to look at
communication between programs in a larger perspective, "software
agents", and part of this was encapsulate other software using
"wrappers" to make all coexist and asynchronously talk to each other.

I left SICS and I don't think the research at SICS did go the way I
described and the only outcome from my talk was that we renamed AKL to
"Agents" ;-) Shortly after, totally unrelated, "agent programming"
became a hot subject in the research arena. There must be a lot
written on the subject,


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