Mnesia tables: load times and sizes after deletion

Dan Gudmundsson dgud@REDACTED
Mon Aug 18 11:47:00 CEST 2003

Bruce Fitzsimons writes:
 > > The file size should adjust at every log dump,
 > > and a load time of minutes seems a bit slow, perhaps, but
 > > I wouldn't want to swear that it's abnormal.
 > How can I force a log dump? 


 > Do they happen periodically under Mnesia or do I
 > need to initiate a backup or something?

Default it's every thousend write or third minute if I remember correctly.
But that moves the updates (for disc_copies) to another log TAB.DCL which
contains the table specific updates. A new DCD file is generated when 
the DCL is larger than 1/4 of the DCD size. 

 > I've never seen the internals of
 > Mnesia documented to this extent (although whenever I say this it is
 > immediately pointed out in the place I've been looking...).
 > Thanks for the help.
 > /Bruce

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