Rick Pettit rpettit@REDACTED
Wed Aug 13 18:21:13 CEST 2003

Reading through the ErlInterface documentation I noticed a couple things that
seemed to be lacking:

  1) Not nearly enough mention of erl_interface being deprecated/obsolete.
     The _majority_ of the User's Guide focuses on this dead library, and it
     is confusing to new people. I think it would be helpful to remind people
     in the erl_interface docs that the library is dead.

  2) No mention of what, if any, erl_interface routines are ok to use. I see
     no ei_global_names, for example. Is the erl_interface version off limits?
     Not thread safe?

My biggest question now is are _any_ of the erl_* routines ok/safe to use? I
have a fully working sample using erl_interface that I am now rebuilding to
use ei, and noticed that there is not a one-for-one mapping of erl_X routine
to ei_X routine.

Put another way, should I have to look at any of the docs beyond ei and
ei_connect manpages?


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