Resource Sharing Between production and test environment

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Wed Aug 13 07:32:39 CEST 2003

Hi Vance,

1) build a debug emulator (cd erts; make debug)
2) make sure your X environment is correct
3) tell your script to execute "cerl -gdb ..." instead of "erl ..."

This will pop up gdb in emacs. very handy.
You can also do this on remote nodes by passing X settings.
Note that you need to work with the source tree in the path since
cerl and debug emulators are not installed.

You say .DLL and I must say that I never tried this on Win32.
Should probably work now when you can build local using cygwin.

(Have to try this some day but I have had my doze of M$ for this year


> Per,
> You mentioned recently "gdb debugging a node".  I was 
> struggling with thsi today and wondered if you had any
> sage words of advice for me.  I have never really used 
> gdb much at all and have some problem using it in this
> context.
> Since we start Erlang/OTP with a shell script which calls
> a loader program which executes the erts (beam) process
> I have trouble starting it with gdb.  The only method I've
> been able to use is to start erl and then "attach" gdb 
> by giving it the pid of the beam process.  I sthis what
> you do?  Is there a better way?
> I actually need to debug a DLL I've written so that makes
> it ever more complicated.  
> 	-Vance
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