Standard OTP build systems.

Ulf Wiger (ÄL2/EAB) ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Thu Aug 7 19:37:47 CEST 2003

One way to go would be to enhance the tool 'builder', which 
is available at Jungerl. It basically does 1) and 2) in your
list below. One of the ideas of builder is that you should be
able to grow a system incrementally, adding one application
at a time and easily generating a start script for that 
application (the start script ending up in the application's
priv/ directory by default). This could become a standard
way of building and testing applications. Feedback is 
much appreciated.

Perhaps it's too much to have all this in one tool.
I've found that build and install tools require a 
truckload of customization options, so several "small"
tools may be better.


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I'm curious to know if there is an ongoing efforts to create standard
build system for creating erlang OTP apps.  I know we have built our own
here and I assume many other erlang/OTP developers have done the same. 
I think a refined erlang/OTP build system would go a long way to making
erlang/OTP slightly easier to create.  Some examples of refinements
might be as follows.
1) The ability to generate template applications.
2) The ability to generate template releases.
3) The ability to generate template unit tests for an
4) Currently we spend a brief amount of time porting third party erlang
software into our OTP/Apps and build system.  A standard build system
might allow third party software to integrate better. 
     thanks for your time, 

Jeffrey M. Einhorn
Platform Systems Design and Integration Manager
FutureSource, LLC

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