erl_interface (samples, anyone?)

Rick Pettit rpettit@REDACTED
Wed Aug 6 17:49:34 CEST 2003

I am in the process of getting C/C++ to talk to Erlang via erl_interface-3.3.2,
and am curious if anyone has any examples they would like to share. My current
work is on wrapping erl_interface in a C++ class that will serve multi-threaded
clients. The class will be part of a shared object library which existing
C/C++ applications will load in order to message Erlang processes on the
internal network.

I have the basics working (i.e. I can connect to remote nodes, message them,
get messages back, etc). I am just curious as to what people have done with
erl_interface and if anyone is willing to share. Any gotchas to watch out for
that may not be mentioned in the docs?

Any help/comments are appreciated.


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