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Sat Aug 2 17:41:58 CEST 2003

> Hi All,
> using the shell under Linux,

try the help: 

> 1. is there a way to clear a variable in Erlang and use it again?

> 2. How to list all the used variables?


> 3. The command m(MethodName) lists all the methods of the 
> module and if these methods are many,  m(file) for example I can't see
> all. Is there  a command similar to "|more" to scroll a page each time?

Not that I know of, perhaps someone else know about this,
but a good idea is to run the shell from inside Emacs,
then there is no need for more, all is saved in the buffer.

You could try
L = ModuleName:module_info(exports).
Which gives you a list of all exported functions, then you can traverse that
list yourself.

> Where can I find an updated list of all the modules and their methods.
All OTP modules are documented at:

If you want to see all loaded modules in your system you can do:
You could do something like
L = [{M,M:module_info(exports)} || {M,Path} <- code:all_loaded()].
to get a list of all modules and functions.

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