reading and writing text file

Wiger Ulf ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Sat Aug 2 12:08:00 CEST 2003

You can either use file:read_file() and binary_to_list(), followed by
string:tokens(List, "\n") -- which will give you a list of strings, one for
line of text in the file -- or use io:get_line(FileDescr,'') to read one
at a time from the file.

(regexp:split() will also work, but in this case, I think string:tokens/2 is

Note that reading one line at a time from the file will give better
memory characteristics.


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> Hi All,
> I have a file text "/erlang/eng.txt" and I want to read it; I have tried
> file:file_read and file:binary_to_list but the result is a file full of
> "\n".
> Is there a way to get it as a list of strings?
> Example:
> myfile.txt has these lines:
> Italy, Rome
> France, Paris
> England, London
> Now I want to chane these lines in:
> Italia, Roma
> Francia, Parigi
> Inghilterra, Londra
> and save them in "/erlang/ita.txt"
> I have tried many ways but in vain.
> Thanks!
> jk

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