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> Is Erlang up to this challenge?
> [[[Let me simply end this pamphlete with some simple
> sentences:
> Stackless Python is more capable of tasklets
> switching than any
> other light-weight threading software package.
> If anyone disagrees, please give me a runnable
> counter-example.]]]

Results at the end. First some comments.

1. The benchmark itself seems kinda meaningless for a
claim of being a fast thread package. Where is the IPC
cost? The scheduling cost? The process creation cost?
etc, etc. (Not to mention realistic conditions ... :-)

2. What was the system being measured? 20 million is
sort of a meaningless number without knowing that.

3. What was the benchmarking methodology? Is it an
average? A "best of N runs"? What?

My system was this: RedHat 8.x Athlon 1300+ with 512
MB of slow memory running out-of-the-box Erlang R9B1.
(system cost $400) 

The program (csw.erl) consists of two processes that
yield N times each. The completion time is the
difference between earliest start time and latest stop

Result: csw did AT BEST 6.4 million Erlang context
switches per second, and ON AVERAGE 5.8-5.9 million
Erlang context switches per second, over a range of
parameters (100k-10m context switches per benchmark


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