Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Thu Apr 17 07:30:21 CEST 2003

Has anyone been talking about Globus?  It is the open source
approach to grid computing that is backed by IBM and the
It seems to me it is an attempt to implement all that erlang
already has.  I think the big failing is that they are trying to
extend the 'familiar languages' to distributed computing.  It
sounds neat: all the power you can tap into, shared computing
etc.  But fundamentally you will end up trying to use non-
distributed languages to implement distributed code.  The
infrastructure makes it sound easy, but it doesn't solve the
hard problems of distributed algorithms -- just the management
aspects of the nodes.

See for info.

Are they on to something, way off base, or are they just
redoing erlang with some marketing and advertising dollars
behind it?


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