what is a good way to do 'maintaining data distribution'

Vladimir Sekissov svg@REDACTED
Sat Apr 12 18:51:09 CEST 2003

In first approximation:

1. At startup Mnesia try to find the node where the freshest version
of table is located. If local replica is older table's file is copied
to local machine. You can use mnesia:set_master_node([MasterNode]) to
force Mnesia to use MasterNode as source.

2. At runtime Mnesia keeps log of records to sync. Details depend from
mode you use - transactional or dirty.

Best Regards,
Vladimir Sekissov

hp> Regarding synchronization of entities across all nodes in 
hp> Mnesia (or ets),
hp> what is the general model (algorithm) used ?   
hp> Is it like (1)    -- the makefile model
hp> or is it like (2) -- the Spreadsheet model ???
hp> [Note: (1) and (2) refers to those in my first email. see below.]

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