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Fri Apr 11 19:16:31 CEST 2003

Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> wrote:

>   So to my questions:
>   1) - In  a survey  about OTP/Erlang  a number  of questions  will be
> asked -- what are the best questions to ask in such a survey?

well, of course it depends on just whay you're trying to find out.  however,
assuming you're trying to get a sense of the scope/scale/domains of erlang
usage, you might try :

   are you using OTP or rolling your own?
   what are you using erlang for?
   - private experimentation/learning
   - stealth use at work
   - official use at work

  what kinds of projects?
  - distributed, server, infrastucture (erlang-ish kinds of things)
  - general applications
  - client/ui applications

  what barriers to entry do you find for learning erlang, for each of:
  - initial learning
  - becoming fluent
  - "thinking" in erlang

 what obstacles do you face in gaining acceptance for using it?
 - among colleagues
 - among management

  what kinds of things would make it easier to surmount these obstacles?
  - support?
  - publicity?
  - education?
  - overthrow of pointy-haired-bosses by enraged techies?

>   2) If I were to ask such questions would you reply?


>   3) What would be the best form to ask the questions in order to get a
> high response frequency?

a web page, with the link provided in the announcement mail.

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