OTP development, was Re: Gaga about bifs

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Thu Apr 10 19:19:56 CEST 2003

Matthias Lang wrote:
 > James Hague wrote:
 > > general improvements, significant and otherwise, seem to have 
 > > ground to a halt, or at least be in a state of confusion.  
 > R9B included native compilation. That's significant by any definition.
 > It has been more than three years since Erlang went open source and
 > the OTP group's efforts are still outclassing everyone else. Quietly.

I do not want to argue with the above, but just for the record I
guess, I would like to point out that perhaps some other group is
mostly responsible for bringing native compilation to Erlang/OTP.

We, the HiPE group, of course very much appreciate the support and
enjoy the very close collaboration that we have with the OTP group
these days.

Kostis Sagonas

The HiPE group		(http://www.csd.uu.se/projects/hipe/)

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