Problems with mnemosyne

Samuel Rivas samuel@REDACTED
Thu Apr 10 11:04:51 CEST 2003


I have a problem with mnemosyne and table indices. I want to do some
unions with different mnesia tables and I write a mnemosyne query to
do it, but I get the error {aborted,{bad_type,2,'_'}}.
Changing some body expressions I also get the error 
{aborted,{bad_type,2,'$1'}}, so I suppose that mnesia could not
understand the compiled query.
However if I delete all extra indices, the query works fine.

  1> get_shown_movies("en", "samu_stpbx", "Samuel", adventure).
        {movie_info,'4',"en","A synopsys ...","The princess bride"}}]}

If I crete the index again:

  2> mnesia:add_table_index(shown_movie, name).          
  3> get_shown_movies("gl", "samu_stpbx", "Samuel", adventure).

My fault?, mnemosyne fault?


|	Samuel        |

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