Read only filesystems

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Mon Apr 7 10:03:01 CEST 2003

Vlad wrote:

>This description brought one image in my head: the ClearCase filesystem (I'm
>not sure it is a true FS), where all versions coexist and one uses views to
>select any particular version to be the current one. Editing non-current
>versions is still possible, but those changes are very difficult to use in a
>view where they are not default.

Thanks, I think you are right, but this is *definitely* not what I had in mind.
I've used ClearCase (in fact I am using it at work now) and it is too difficult
and cumbersome, requiring a staff to keep it running.  I want something
for a single person or a dynamic, collaborative group that requires little in
the way of administration.

The Plan9 stuff is interesting, I remember having read about it a year or
two ago.  They have a single inode for the root of the file system so you
can switch from one version to another instantly.

I've been thinking more along the lines of having no file names, just contents.
mnesia may be the best way to go, although I may need to do something
tricky to have multiple indices.  One thing at a time, though. I've been 
at work and haven't had a chance to switch from my Java webserver to my
erlang webserver (nor even to complete the 2nd installment of the tutorial on


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