Read only filesystems

Jay Nelson jay@REDACTED
Sun Apr 6 00:25:05 CEST 2003

Chris Pressey wrote:

 > Researching the topic a tiny bit with Google, it seems to
 > have a lot to do with the definition of the word "journalling"
 > in the minds of the people who design the journalling file
 > system.

I read a bit about XFS and then a lot about ReiserFS.
Apparently the goal of the latter is database query capability
on the filesystem itself.  Interesting approach.  I was thinking
of using mnesia, but I might consider a filesystem if the
meta data for versions and dates can be applied.

 > It would be neat to see something a bit more explicit
 > (a bit like CVS or a wiki, perhaps,) where you could select
 > an object and select "revert to" and pick a date.

I don't want to view a file as a static current version.  I
want all versions always available (until I explicitly destroy
them or they age off).  "reverting" shouldn't be a needed
concept.  There are multiple read-only files, one of which
is currently "published" if you are sharing with others and
want a snapshot view.  You can change which version a
published view contains, but you can always open any file
or "modify" (i.e. create a new copy with different details)
any version.

Semantically the same as what you said probably, but the
concept of thinking of "revert" puts one in the single modifiable
file mindset.  I want to think more along the lines of infinite
undo even after I have turned my computer off and come back
after a week.


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