OOP for QC

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Fri Apr 4 20:40:11 CEST 2003

It is Friday evening here, so forgive me this Warp
drive posting.. :)

Alas this list is not particulary fond of OOP, e.g.


and I had some "OOP vs other Paradigms (LP, FP)" discussion
this week where I argumented, that OOP is too much based
on analogies to (macroscopic) physical objects and
computer science might have some useful organizational
patterns that have no physical analogons.

So I was quite surprised to read this article


that some guy used OOP for his QC programming language.
And I just thought that the unitary operations of QC
are inherent reversibe and thus make even introducing
destructive assignments a hard thing.
So why is that beast not functional instead of OOP? :)

A happy Weekend,

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