FAQ terminology harmonisation

Bengt Kleberg eleberg@REDACTED
Fri Apr 4 13:59:22 CEST 2003

> On Wed, 2 Apr 2003 13:18:15 -0600
> Rick Pettit <rpettit@REDACTED> wrote:
(hope this is the correct person getting the attribution)
> > Well yes, unless the C/C++ application loading the shared object
> > (which in turn requires runtime linkage) does so over and over again
> > (i.e. loads .so, then later unloads and reloads NEW .so, and so on).

i used shared libraries like this to hot swap code for a network server:

1 install the new lib.
2 send SIGINIT to the process.

when the main thread received SIGINIT it would come out of the listen()
and do a fork().

the parent would wait for all worker threads connections to close. then
it would exit.

the child would re-read the config file and then start a new

should i explain more, or is this (including any oversights) sufficient?


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