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Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Wed Apr 2 14:52:39 CEST 2003

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom writes:
 > >     Todays article  (New great stuff from Nortel  programmed in Erlang)
 > >   in Computer Sweden is a good example ...
 > Is that available online? 

I know of three current articles in various newspapers about Bluetail.
But they're all in Swedish:


   Abridged translation: Bluetail was sold to Alteon for
        1.4Msek a while ago (about $150M). Unlike lots 
	of other Swedish companies bought by Americans, Bluetail 
	hasn't been axed. 10 employees are still employed. 
	Håkan Millroth is now CTO of the Alteon part of Nortel. 
	Their core stuff is written in Erlang. Erlang is 
	spreading in Nortel. Turnover of Erlang-related 
	Nortel equipment is tens of millions of dollars. 
	In spite of the successes, Bluetail have had some 
	tough times, e.g. they fired a bunch of non-essential
	people a couple of years ago.


   Abridged translation: Nortel now sell a lot of wireless networking
        equipment. The 2250 switch is developed by the Bluetail guys.
	It does some sort of IP mobility stuff that's new. It runs
	Erlang which Ericsson developed.


   Abridged translation: More about the 2250 switch. Also mentions
	the SSL accelerator product which was shown at an Erlang
	conference. These products are intended to it possible for 
	Nortel to compete with Cisco in the enterprise and operator
	Wlan market. Their switch has power over ethernet. Claes 
	Wikström says the coolest thing about the switch is that
	users can move from subnet to subnet without losing their
	connections. The switch can handle up to 200Mbit/s or up to
	500 users. "I was free to resign last autumn but work is still
	so much fun that I don't have any such plans. We're a small,
	tight group delivering big products. Developing products 
	which are sold the world over is very inspring" says Claes

They're just quick translations. Maybe someone has enough time to
write a proper translation.

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