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Wed Apr 2 09:30:01 CEST 2003


Recently (yesterday) I tried to complile an erlgtk application, and 
failed. The reason was that erlc could not find an 
include_lib("erlgtk/include/gtk.hrl"). But, erlgtk install it self in 
the erlang library path (i.e /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/erlgtk-<vsn>). 
When compiling from the erl shell everything is ok!! Why??? Bug??? Explain.

This leads to an other topic: When working with jungerl I can see the 
need for installing the applications. I have suggested this before and I 
do it again. The code server handling of the lib is to recusivly look in 
the <prefix>/lib/erlang/lib and to sort out the latest 
application/library to use. When installing erlgtk into the erlang 
libraries I discovered quickly that this is a bad idea, since each time 
I update the system I need to reinstall erlgtk. I suggest that we could 
have a <prefix>/share/erlang/lib/ where we can install third party 
applications like jungerl applications. The code behavior should be the 
same as the normal library and the path configured at configure time!

To help applications to install at the correct location the jungerl 
should have an automatic install target.

To help jungerl install target to be written, one (OTP) could (at least 
on linux) write an erl.pc file for pkg-config or a shell script 
erl-config. This could be a great help when writing erl_interface stuff 
as well (i.e locating libraries and include files)

Peek in the for erlgtk for a scary example. Note the square 
brackets and double qoutes and backquote and sed scripts etc hmmm (took 
me hours to figure out ;-)



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