Make replacement for Erlang - suggestions?

Bengt Kleberg eleberg@REDACTED
Wed Sep 18 11:05:47 CEST 2002

> From: Per Bergqvist <per@REDACTED>                                

> In most projects I been involded in we have used gmake and stayed with
> it.                                                                   
> For make replacement I simply ask why ? You can use gmake on every    
> useable platform on earth, and even windows with cygwin ...           

i find a good way of opening
peoples eyes to the fallacy of using (g)make.

as for the statement about 'if everybody continued using existing tools
we would still be using assembler' (sorry for not having a proper
i strongly belive that  most programmers today do use a portable, somewhat
object oriented, assembler. it is called c++.


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