Make replacement for Erlang - suggestions?

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Mon Sep 16 21:28:22 CEST 2002

In most projects I been involded in we have used gmake and stayed with
For make replacement I simply ask why ? You can use gmake on every    
useable platform on earth, and even windows with cygwin ...           
I think it would be better to spend the time of fixing the otp build  
to build native on a windows machine instead ;-)                      
(For general purpose scripting it's another story.)                   
> In most large scale projects I have been involved in, we have used  
> gnumake, and whenever busted by some paranoid project manager, we   
> over to make. If you want to have as many people as possible use the
> plug in, I would try to stick to the tools users in major projects  
> required to use (Freedom of choice is rarely an option on a large   
> or at least try to facilitate their usage as much as possible...    
Even if                                                               
> I have to admit, an Erlang variant sounds neat.                     
> Francesco                                                           
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