javascript modules index: tester with IE wanted

Jenny Dybedahl jch@REDACTED
Sat Sep 7 16:24:19 CEST 2002

Matthias Lang <matthias@REDACTED> writes:

2> If you've got a minute and you're running an OS/Browser combination
> which is NOT linux/mozilla, point your browser at

It works in both mozilla and netscape under freebsd, and under mozilla
and IE on WinMe and W2K.

> and tell me whether it works or not for you. The idea is to type in
> the start of a library module (e.g. 'mn' gets you mnesia), hit enter
> and see the man page. You need to have javascript enabled.

That works, provided what I type really is the start of a module. If I
type something else, I get *a* man page for something that may or may
not be related. E.g., typing nntp gives me the net_adm man page;
typing foo gives me ftp; bar gives me BIF. IMO it'd be more useful to
be told that what I typed doesn't exist. That's a matter of taste,
though, so I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not.

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