Emacs major mode, IDEs, tools?

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Thu Sep 5 18:17:56 CEST 2002

> > The only thing that becomes a problem
> > is the SWT doesn't really behave like an GCed OO
> > toolkit should. There are allot of classes that
> you
> > cannot subclass, you have to dispose your classes
> > manually etc. Fortunatly, once you get passed the
> > inconsistancies its not to difficult. Another
> issue
> > (though not really a problem really) is the shear
> > number of APIs available to a plugin developer. It
> > takes awhile to learn each one.
> Interesting.
> Would it possible to add a graph layout engine on
> top of some canvas widget? - I mean I would be very
> surprised if the SWT would not allow to roll
> customized graphical panels.

 You may subclass a canvas type widget. Its just that
you can't arbitrarily subclass any widget. For
example, you may not subclass the 'Dialog' widget and
come up with your own dialog class. You either have to
 use an existing class or build your own dialog from

I personally don't like having to figure out what I
may subclass and what I may not.

> >   > Do I needa special Eclipse Version to run your
> >   > stuff?
> >
> >    Eclipse >= 2.0
> >    Java >= 1.4
> Hmrbl. I use FreeBSD and Windows ME at home.
> I'm not sure if there is any 1.4 JDK in the FreeBSD
> ports
> collection (Linux or FreeBSD binaries) and the non
> NT
> technology variants of Windows have their quirks
> with
> Java. 

Your not the first to have this problem. I think I
will stop using the built in 1.4 regexps and just use
the jakarta regexp library. That should allow this to
be used with Java >= 1.2. There is no what I am going
back to 1.0 or 1.1, sorry.


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